Effective pre-negotiation

The pre-negotiation stage is crucially important for the effectiveness of negotiations both in business deal-making and political diplomacy. It is focused on the analysis of geopolitical interactions and relations, the level of business and commercial cooperation between different states and their strategic and defence relations and threats. Today, specific emphasis is to be given on the design of strategies and the utilization of tactical moves of creative diplomacy, under the macroeconomic pressures of the global economic crisis in the Balkans, Europe and internationally. During the pre-negotiation stage we assess if the conditions are Ğripeğ for starting a diplomatic negotiation and we prepare for acquiring the appropriate knowledge and resources to implement a pre-determined negotiation process. Following a 3-D approach at this level, is extremely important for obtaining a basic view of the negotiation setting, possible deal-design and the set of tactical moves at the negotiation table. It is quite possible for a political party or a diplomatic negotiation team to choose and take advantage of its BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiation Agreement), than to start a negotiation.